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The COVID-19 Recession Playbook for Group Health Insurance Agents

About HealthSherpa

Find concrete steps in our COVID-19 Recession Playbook for Group Health Insurance Agents:

  • How to stay ahead of your employer clients
  • What you can do for your employer clients and their former employees
  • How you can get compensated for helping former employees find Marketplace coverage.

We are a CMS-approved alternative to, and more than 3 million lives have gotten enrolled into ACA plans through our site. Agents choose to create free accounts with us because we have designed solutions that fit their business:

  • The HealthSherpa Agent account is a one-stop shop for quoting, enrolling, and managing ACA clients all year round.
  • The HealthSherpa Referral Program rewards agents for directing their clients to get covered through our site. 
  • Both of these accounts can come with tools to let Agencies manage their downlines.

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